Bored with this world? Come join another one.
There are people out there who talk about a secret war between good and evil that is going on right now, behind the scenes. They tell tales of magic and gods and fell things with teeth that tear. I'm not saying that these things exist, but if there is a secret war then there is one… only one… chance to get into it. It is called Egregore and it is a game unlike any other. It happens in real time, in your real life, adding a new layer beneath your normal existence as you travel around the local Kingston area finding clues and meeting other people to solve the mysteries of the secret war. Egregore is entirely set in the Kingston area, run by local residents, sold by local shops and the boxes are individually hand sketched by local artists. It assimilates local myths, folk takes and history into a vibrant, magical world with an ongoing storyline that is changed by the players of the game. You do not need any equipment or rules sets. You just need your own mind and its sense of wonder. New boxes, and therefore new adventures, come out once a month. But don't worry; there is no real war. It is only a game. We promise.

Box 1: The Banishment of Ygglyvvygg
777 years ago Ygglyvvygg, the Mother of Insanity, was banished by a Lenape warrior named Wa-Sha-Xnend. Soon she will return. 

Box 2: Quietus
You are sent a box by a mysterious being called Raven who wants to test your cunning and ingenuity as you collect figurines of wondrous magic. 
Available April 2017

1/5/17 We are now being carried in five local stores in Kingston and New Paltz. Go to our shop page for a complete list. 

10/28/17 Several sets have sold during our pre-release. People are out there playing and having a great time. 

10/25/17 Our first box set, The Banishment of Ygglyvvygg, is due out February first. Click the shop button to order a copy online or get a list of local businesses that carry it. 

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