How to Involve Your Business
Egregore is designed to be local. All the adventures are local, the artists who illustrate the boxes are local and it is sold by local businesses. We have several exciting ways that your local business can become involved with Egregore.

Selling the Game
If you are a local business and interested in selling the game from your shop please contact us

Hosting Clues and Events
We can send a lot of players your way every month. You can just have some sort of hint in your shop, or you could host actual events, or both. Your business must have regular hours that you are open so people can visit, must be local and must be accessible to all players. For instance bars are not accessible to our younger players and will not work. Fees vary depending upon many factors, so contact us and let us know a little about your business if you wish to get involved. We love not-for-profits and will often work with them for free. 


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