How do I play?

Each box contains clues for you to follow. These can be riddles, codes or ciphers, items, props, maps... just about anything is possible. Each box will have a mission that you must achieve by following these clues. Usually there are several clue arcs and you can finish some without finishing others. 

To begin look carefully at everything that is in the box. Try to figure out where you need to go next. All locations are right here in the Kingston area. The exact areas should be defined in your box.  Think through the clues. Some research online might be necessary. If you get really stuck clues are available on our clue page.

Iím Stuck! What do I do?

Depends on what you are stuck on. If you have a name or event you donít know about try searching on Google. If it might be from local history try talking to someone from just about any museum or historic site. Librarians will know a lot of this too. 



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