The Rules

There are no rules like a traditional game. Instead you must figure out the puzzle and make your way through the storyline. We do have some rules though.
1. Break no Mundane Law: Never break the law when playing. This includes trespassing. All play areas are open to the public at least during their regular hours. Private residences are never used. Please remember that many parks close at sundown.
2. Do not endanger yourself or others: There is no need to go into a dangerous area or engage in dangerous activities to solve the clues. Do not read or otherwise play the game while driving. Donít hurt anyone.
3. Donít be destructive: You donít need to damage anything in order to play the game. Do not tear down that wall looking for a clue.
4. Donít be a jerk: Other people are out there too. Be nice. 



Copyright Lance Meyer, all rights reserved.