Bardal, the Immortal of the Open Roads, is a chief patron of adventurers. He stands for open exploration, trade, and commerce for everyone.  He despises large amounts of power being held by a small amount of people.  Followers of this immortal will usually join the less powerful side of a conflict, regardless of the nature of the side they are joining. Bardal, as well as his followers, tends to be free spirited with the occasional hint of mischief.  He is always willing to aid a traveler in need. Bardalís demeanor is usually one of a calm bemusement at the struggles of mortals. He prefers to lend aid to the underdog by way of supporting and defending rather than directly attacking the other side. Bardal and his followers are seldom hostile, only becoming aggressive when a single group begins to take control of a majority of the natural resources an area has to offer, thereby impeding other groups abilities to grow and adventure freely.  Valuing growth and natural beauty in balance, this immortal cherishes both the sense of wonder and of accomplishment felt by others during their adventures.



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