Not to by confused with the Native American trickster of the same name; Raven is a forgotten goddess. She was originally worshipped under another name from ancient Scythia to ancient Ethiopia. With time her worship declined but she still had followers throughout the centuries under changing names and guises. Her last incarnation was a spirit known to select tribes of eastern Native Americans. 

Raven is known for her hatred of evil. Whenever evil starts to rise in the land Raven is right there advising the followers of light on how to defeat it. People who follow Raven's clues can expect to be in the center of the battle against evil. 

Raven appears to be a beautiful Native American woman dressed in unadorned doeskins. Her hair is dark black but has bluish highlights when the light catches it right, much in the same way as raven feathers. It is extremely rare that she talks but when she looks at a person he knows what it is that she wants. This may be some sort of holdover from her previous goddesshood. 



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