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Egregore Box 1
The Banishment of Ygglyvvygg
Art Box $25

Please note that art boxes 
sometimes get backed up. 
Please allow a couple of days
handling time if this happens.
The picture above is a sample. 
The box you get will be different.

Egregore Box 1
The Banishment of Ygglyvvygg
Plain Box $22.

The plain box does not come
with cover art. 

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Egregore is available at the following local stores:

Half Moon Books & Hidden Treasures Thrift Shop
35 North Front Street

The Kingston Card Vault
36 John Street

Wand Wick & Flame
1082 Morton Blvd.

New Paltz
Barner Books
3 Church Street

October Country Comics
245 Main Street


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